Bring that wow factor to your home with a deck

Whether you plan on selling your home in the future or live in it your whole life, improving its curb appeal is still a priority. You don’t want your home to look like it came out of a gothic horror movie or an abandoned structure. It would equally boost your self-confidence when you come home and see your own special haven. The best way to do it is to improve the outside areas. You can do many things on the outside to reflect the beauty of your home on the inside. For one, you can put up a garden. You can also add some paving or build a deck. If you are keen on building a deck, you can trust the expertise of companies like Leisure Decking – Outdoor Living. Visit them at to learn more.

How a deck adds value to your home

You may think that having a deck is just a status symbol or a fad that homeowners follow. Some may even think that you’re putting money down the drain when you build a deck. But in the long run, the resale value of your home will totally increase, giving you at least a 100 % ROI.

And, if you are not interested to sell your home in the near future, you can relax and enjoy that added boost of confidence. You can take pride and joy when you have something that people instantly love the minute they see it. That’s the beauty of having a deck. It not only adds monetary value but aesthetic value as well.

What type of deck to choose

Today, our generation is blessed with so many options for deck materials.

Below are commonly used when building a deck:

  1. Wood

If you want a higher return on investment, opt for a wooden deck. There is something about a wooden deck that charms buyers and boosts the overall appeal of your home. But you have to remember that wood decks are not immune to the impact of extreme weather. Regular maintenance is still required so as to retain their beauty and their value by the time you decide to sell your home.

If you want to sell your home the fastest, opt for a wood deck. Builders from trusted sites like are skilled in crafting an Instagram-worthy deck that you and your future homebuyer will surely love.

  1. Composite Decks

This is a more expensive alternative but if you are after quality, a composite deck is your best bet. There is a reason why this costs more than a wooden deck. It is more durable, dependable, and the material has a timeless nature. Why? Because it is resistant to inclement weather, wind, rain and even extreme temperatures. You only need to clean it occasionally to make it look like new.

If you want to have a deck minus the headache and dedication to routine maintenance, a composite deck is your ideal choice. If you are not planning to sell your home in the near future, go with a composite deck.

Spruce up your deck

It’s not enough that you have a deck; you should also spruce up that space to make it look personal. Add in some outdoor deck furniture such as matching chaise lounge, ratan sofa dotted with plush seating, and matching side tables or coffee table. You can also add in some deck accessories like plants, flowers, or perennials, so you can be closer to nature.

If you have an open deck, you can add umbrellas to provide shade during the hot summer months. You can place umbrellas on either side of your deck staircase to serve as focal points for your furniture. Colourful cushions also add life to your deck while providing extra padding. In no time, your deck will look like your own outdoor retreat.

To sum it up

Having a deck adds life to your outside areas. While a garden looks lovely, a deck simply complements the whole picture and serves as the focal point in your yard. Later on, you can add a fountain or a pool if you have a big yard. You can even add a pergola or extend your deck for added space to entertain your guests.

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