Factors to consider while buying wood shredders

wood shredder is a large outdoor equipment that is designed for reducing the bulk of yard waste facilitating easy disposal. This equipment is of immense utility to gardeners and landscapers, and the output available from shredders can be recycled and used for paving walkways, line up flowerbeds or create compost.

Things to consider while buying a shredder: There are many choices available for people willing to buy wood shredders; but this task can be really daunting without prior knowledge about the equipment. If your main objective is to clear wood and debris out of the trees, then you must determine the style and size of the shredder based upon its application. You are likely to find small and compact shredders, which are appealing and effective, and serve your purpose to the fullest.

Giving a new life to the garden is definitely a challenging task and requires a lot of time along with proper tools and skills. But a thoughtfully chosen shredder can really make the whole task a lot easier by cutting down wood into small pieces thereby reducing the volume of the waste.

How does it work: The wood shredders often resemble the chippers in outward look, and they have a chute for feeding in materials and an opening to eject them. There are semi blunt blades inside called flails used for breaking down small pieces of wood.  Many shredders even allow an option to choose the size of the finished products, and the flail system mashes as well as shreds the items in order to produce smaller pieces that can be used for various purposes such as compost or mulch.

Because of its small engine and flail being mostly blunt, a residential purpose wood shredder doesn’t possess the power to break down large branches of trees. These are mostly suitable for use in small yards, home gardeners or people who want to shred leaves or smaller branches. The smallest variety of shredders has a nylon string inside the metal frail for cutting. These shredders work in the same way like a weed whacker, except that the nylon strings are vertically attached to the central drum.

 The engine type of low profile wood shredders can be either electric or gas powered. While electric motors are cleaner and much quieter than gas powered motors, they are needed to be plugged in, which can constrict mobility. But electric motors require a much lesser amount of maintenance, suitable for smaller shredding and are much inexpensive. Though gas powered engines produce more noise and fumes and take up more space than electric ones, they are adept in handling larger loads of wood.

Additional features: There are some added options and features of the wood shredders that can make the task of selecting one even easier for you. These features include:

# Reduction ratio, which is the amount of organic matter that can be reduced after going through the machine.

# Number of blades is important because a machine with more  blades will be able to function more efficiently.

# Vacuum attachments, as some shredders come with a vacuum equipment attached for facilitating easy cleaning up of produced waste.

After considering the engine criteria and other features, you will be able to narrow down your choices and arrive at a decision regarding what type ofwood shredder would be suitable for you.