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Top activities to do in Dicky Beach

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Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? Almost everyone does, both youngsters and adults alike. If you live in Queensland, Dicky Beach is one of the most accessible and ideal beach destinations. It’s perfect for spur-of-the-moment trips when you just want to unwind with a view of the beautiful Australian waters. Whether you’re with your loved one, going solo, or bringing your family, you’ll surely find great accommodation along Wilson Avenue Dicky Beach.

To help you make the most out of your trip, here are the top activities to do in Dicky Beach plus the best accommodations to book:

Sunbathe along Dicky Beach

Named after a shipwreck during 1893, Dicky Beach features a long stretch of fine, white sand and crystalline waters. It’s the perfect place to laze around and sip fruit cocktails, with the cool breeze blowing on your face. You’ll surely feel relaxed while listening to the waves crashing on the shore.

Plus, it’s kid-friendly, since it’s patrolled by lifeguards every day. Book your room on Wilson Avenue Dicky Beach and make your way to the shore whenever you please.

Grab breakfast at the Giggling Goat Emporium

A great way to start your day is eating a sumptuous breakfast at the Giggling Goat Emporium. Located 50 metres from the bus stop, you can easily make a pit stop from your accommodation at Wilson Avenue Dicky Beach.

The bar is known for its great selection of coffees. Their breakfast options are incredibly delicious as well.

If you’re bringing your furry friend with you, they’ll be welcome at the Giggling Goat since it’s a pet-friendly establishment as well.

Take a walk to Currimundi Lake

From Dicky Beach, you can follow a path and walk for 4 minutes to Currimundi Lake. It’s a beautiful, shallow lake which offers a more serene setting than the beach. Cycle along the path, enjoy the shade of the trees, or wade in the lake with your children. Booking accommodation in the Outlook Currimundi will give you easy access to Currimundi Lake as well as other attractions.

Visit the Caloundra Lighthouses

Get a dose of history and art by visiting the Caloundra Lighthouses, a pair of heritage-listed lighthouses built during the 1890s. Situated atop the highest point of the town, this climb is not for the faint-hearted, though! Nonetheless, the spectacular view of the ocean is an incredible reward after the arduous journey. Stay at the Aspire on Kings apartments and easily book a guided tour to the lighthouses.

Plan a wedding at Sir Leslie Wilson Park

Beach weddings are simply magical and romantic, and Sir Leslie Wilson Park is a popular venue in Dicky Beach for these occasions. Know someone dear to you who might tie the knot?

Check out this place and see why hundreds of couples have chosen to hold their weddings in there. Who knows, the happy couple might choose to live in this area and get a residence at Landsborough Parade Golden Beach!

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How the Right Accommodation Can Inspire Any University Student

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Choosing the right student accommodation greatly affects your life as a student. This relies on various components like your budget plan, tastes, and benefits to name a few things. You can choose among university halls, private halls, one-bedroom student apartments, condos, and shared spaces. One method to find suitable student accommodation is to browse and compare their advantages. one-bedroom student apartments Being a university student is challenging but the reward is priceless. You can make strategies in any student accommodation and stick with your new friends or opt to have the entire space to yourself. But you should not right away go for the first one on your list. Look around until you can find one-bedroom student apartments that are practical, spacious, and budget-friendly. Below are a number of things you should keep in mind when searching for an ACU accommodation: 1. Always think about your budget plan — Just how much you can pay for will determine the type of James Cook University accommodation you select. You will also need to find out just how much student loan is required to settle your lease if you have a student loan. You can decide on uni halls or shared individual apartment if you desire to conserve. There are different one-bedroom student apartments or condos that will match your budget. Some areas might need a number of specific touches to make it comfier but with a number of effort, you can find a student lodging that is inexpensive. 2. Your comfort and convenience matters — Selecting Southbank campus apartments are absolutely worth your money if you have the cash to invest. You will get to enjoy your own individual area, your extremely own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area. You can likewise improve the interior according to your tastes and choices. If you have a minimal budget strategy, you might have to look for a lodging that you can share with other students. 3. Consider a perfect place for your student accommodation — If you work part-time, find a student accommodation that is both accessible to your school and work environment. This will allow you to rest as rapidly as your class is over or to modify into your work clothing. Try to find a neighbouring lodging to fit your requirements but you also need to consider the variety of your student accommodation to your workplace if you work part-time. This will make it problem-free for you to work and study with ease. Seek advice from the accommodation business for the required length of your stay. There are personal service providers who frequently offer flexible terms. While it might be costlier than the bulk, it will offer you time to invest your summer season with friends after all your evaluations are done. Don’t be hasty when choosing the right student accommodation. Do your research and ask for feedback from various renters. A lot of things to consider when selecting a student accommodation. You might also check out for more student accommodation options or campus apartments that can satisfy your requirements.


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Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Condominium in Bangkok

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Bangkok, Thailand is indeed a wonderful city. It is a living oxymoron because despite being a very spiritually sensitive city, it is also known throughout the world for of its sex trade. Fun and being spiritual are not usually the words that you describe a place using the same sentence, but that’s what Bangkok is. It is also the capital of the country. It houses the largest business district and twelve percent of the population of the whole country. It is also the outpost for most International offices. Bangkok is a great destination for a holiday but living in it is a different conversation. It is not because Bangkok being an undesirable place to live in, it is because if you don’t do it the right way, you might find trouble in paradise. With that said, the most practical way is to live in a condominium in Bangkok because it is less complicated and cheaper.

Since the Thai law permits foreigners to procure condos as long as you comply the legal requirements and processes, you can buy a condo that suits you. An important quality that a condominium in Bangkok should have is choice. It should have various sizes, rates and payment modes to choose from. This is important because this allows you to have freedom to choose the unit that suits your needs. Just like buying any property anywhere in the world, some important things should be kept in mind.

Safety and Amenities

A home is the place where you are most comfortable and secure. The condominium in Bangkok of your choice should be able to provide this. Most condos offer comfort and leisure amenities such as clubhouses, pools, gyms, mini bars and sports facilities. However, it is more important that you and your family is kept safe. Features such as closed circuit televisions (CCTV’s) and security guards are a must. Security should be one of your priority prior to choosing a condo unit.

Financially Friendly and Secure

Properties are assets that you can invest on for more financial stability. So in terms of purchasing or leasing a condo unit, the level of investment that you can put into it should be a determining factor. Another important tip would be to find a good agent to aid you in landing a good deal. Aside from the fact that they are locals, they also know the international and local economic conditions that change from time to time better than the most of us. Your agent should also help you understand the payment modes and the payment terms along with the proprietor rights that you have. Find an agent who speaks English. The next thing you don’t want is a language barrier with somebody that will handle property deals for you. If your budget allows, instead of buying a single huge condo, it is better to buy two smaller ones. Properties increase value over time, instead of a single appreciating property, you will have two.

 With the constant growth of Thailand’s Gross Domestic Product, now is a very good time to invest in properties, especially condos. Aside from providing you a comfortable and safe home, they also serve as good investment. Therefore, always look for an accessible, safe, well facilitated yet financially friendly condo.