Essential maintenance tips for the commercial fridge you are using in your Perth business


A problematic fridge impedes the operations of many commercial kitchens and stores. Hence, you should keep your freezers and fridges in good condition to avoid certain business worries. It’s easy to do by following proper maintenance steps and hiring a trusty freezer hire Perth service to get the services that you need.

Keep your commercial fridge in good condition with these steps

It’s easy to forget about fridge maintenance, especially when you are always busy with other important tasks. However, kitchen and display refrigeration units need proper upkeep to prevent downtimes. You can use these tips to guide you:

Maintain proper temperature levels

Ideally, your fridge should be set at 37 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and your freezer, 0 degree Fahrenheit. This is enough to maintain the quality of your items without damaging the unit.

For example, if you notice that your chest freezer can’t keep 0 degree Fahrenheit, call a cold storage servicing expert to check it up immediately. This is to make sure it won’t shut down completely and affect your operations. Also, call a chest freezer rental service when you need a temporary replacement unit.

Provide adequate spaces between food items

Yes, it’s practical to stack as many items as you can inside your cold storage unit. However, keeping enough space between items in your fridge helps cold air circulate smoothly. It helps reduce or eliminate warm spots inside it. Ideally, you should keep 3 to 6 inches of space between food items and the fridge walls.

Inspect the sealing system

Keep food particles away from the seal of your fridge door. Clean the seal every 6 months using baking soda and water.

Then, do the dollar-bill test by placing a bill on the seal and closing the fridge door. If the bill easily slips, the sealing of your fridge needs professional servicing.

Note that a problematic seal causes the condenser to work harder. This will shoot your energy bills up and shortens the lifespan of your fridge. Get a freezer hire Perth deal while your commercial fridge is serviced.

Clean the condenser coils regularly

Dust and dirt will eventually accumulate in the condenser coils of your fridge. This will affect the efficiency of your cold storage unit.

Clean the condenser coils around twice a year or more frequently depending on your usage. Here’s how:

  1. Unplug the unit. Locate its condenser and fans, which are commonly found on the back of a fridge.
  2. Remove the protective grills or grates.
  3. Scrub the protective grills using a brush. Then, gently scrub the condenser and the fans. Be sure not to leave any dust, but don’t push too hard to avoid damaging any part.
  4. Once done, put the protective grills back into place.

If your chest freezer does not work after you clean its condenser, call an expert to check your unit.

There are complete cold storage services that include repairs and allow you to rent chest freezer in one package.

Fill your unit

You need to fill freezers and fridges with food items to keep the unit in good condition. Stored items will act as your units’ thermal mass, which absorbs heat inside the fridge. If you have nothing to store in a unit, place large water containers in it.

Remember these points to keep your commercial fridges and freezers in top condition. These simple steps will keep your business away from downtimes too. Call the right experts if you notice anything odd about your cold storage units.

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